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Line Marking

Hydroblasting is the most advanced technique/system available today used in the removal of redundant and incorrect road markings.

Hydroblasting uses Ultra High Pressurised Water (up to 42,000 psi) delivered via a hand operated unit, which is also connected to a full vacuum recovery system.

Hydroline (Wales) Limited uses a hand operated unit which is connected to a  self contained 18 tonne lorry which houses the Pump, Water Tank and Waste Vacuum Tank.

Hydroblasting is far more effective than existing systems, particularly burning off with a Hot Compressed Air Lance.  The lance has been banned by many Local Auhorities as it is has safety concerns caused by the smoke, fumes and flying debris.  Hydroblasting produces none of these side effects.

Our system can be used on most surfaces and can be used to remove:

  • Thermoplastic Road Markings
  • Painted Road Markings
  • High Friction Surfacing

The above are only a selection of its uses, as it can be used to 'clean' most surfaces (such as within factory units and garages etc) - please contact us to discuss other such areas.

Please use our contact page to obtain further information, where we will be please to provide the following:

  • Quotations
  • Advice on surface types and duration of works etc.
  • Method Statement and Risk Assessments.